Neapolitan Language Course

Neapolitan Language Course

Italian Charities of America promotes the Regional Languages of Italy

Italian Charities of America firmly stands with respecting and celebrating each regional language in Italy. Our mission of promoting and preserving Italian and Italian American culture, history, heritage and culture is closely intertwined with the promotion of preserving Italian regional languages. Unfortunately, the tone and mindset for many years have degraded regional languages by simply referring to them as “dialects”. The actual meaning of a dialect is a form or branch of a language. How can we simply call regional languages dialects when in fact they are not a branch from one particular language but over centuries were already in use as independent languages deriving from years of ancient influences. Regional languages of Italy are all beautifully formulated with influences of their indigenous tribes, conquests, culture and history forming a distinct language of an area and its people. We must start looking at Italian regional languages as actual languages, as none of these languages are a form of or a branch of the Italian language. In fact, the Italian national language we know today was one of the regional languages of Tuscany before becoming the official language of all the regions in Italy. We must embrace the uniqueness of each Italian region by celebrating the diversity of each region’s history, culture and native languages. The native language/s of each region is a direct connection to its people, culture, heritage and should be preserved. Italian Charities of America recognizes each regional language as an independent language and not a dialect. As part of our mission we have taken the lead in America as the premier organization to offer Sicilian language courses since 2009.  Italian Charities of America is proud to expand on our regional language courses and will now be offering Neapolitan language courses. We hope you join us on our mission to promote and preserve Italy’s magnificent regional languages.

Neapolitan Language Course

Please check back for start date in the Fall 2023 Semester!

Italian Charities of America is proud to offer the course; Introduction to Napoli: Language and Culture as part of our Winter/Spring 2023 programs. We are proud to offer such a rare and unique course that introduces the regional language of the Campania Region and of Southern Lazio. The Neapolitan language is inseparable when describing Neapolitan culture and life and is spoken by millions in Italy and around the world. The Neapolitan language is recognized by UNESCO as a protected language and heritage.

Introduction to Napoli: Language and Culture Course

Join us on this exciting adventure of learning the Neapolitan language from a beginner’s level. We will dive into the language as well as Neapolitan culture by learning about its people, history, culture, arts and music. Our Neapolitan language and culture course is designed so that anyone who is interested can learn from a beginner level and with no prior knowledge necessary. This course is taught by a native Neapolitan professor and is in a judgmental free atmosphere for your comfort. Our Winter/Spring 2023 online Neapolitan language and culture course will start on Monday, March 6th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm EST and ends on Monday, May 15th (no class on April 10th). The course will be offered virtually on ZOOM and will consist of 10 lessons. The registration fee is $185.00 which must be paid in full by the first day of the course. There is no required textbook for this course. If you have any questions regarding this course please contact Italian Charities of America by calling us at 718-478-3100 or email us at


Course Cancellation Policy: A refund of 50 percent will be given after the first lesson; no refunds will be honored after.