Italian & Italian American Studies

Italian & Italian American Studies

Please check back for start date in the Fall 2024 Semester!

Italian Charities of America is proud to offer interactive online courses that specialize in Italian and Italian American Studies. This 2023 Winter/Spring season we will be offering an eight-lesson course program. Each lesson will be 1.5 hours held virtually on Zoom from 7:00pm to 8:30pm (EST). Students will be expected to complete light reading assignments before each class meeting and participate in weekly class discussions. A textbook is required, and information will be sent upon registration. Please see below for the course included in our Winter/Spring 2023 Italian & Italian Studies Program.

Building Italian National Identity, Hardships of Italian Immigrants & Italian Diasporic Ethnicity Course
8 courses from March 7th, 2023 to April 25th, 2023 

This program will discuss the construction of the Italian National State and the experience of nationhood as key to understanding how Italians grew to see themselves on the Italian Peninsula and abroad. We will cover the diverse backgrounds that form today’s Italian and Italian diasporic communities. This course will explore the Italian-American experience in the late 19th century and the early-mid 20th century. At the turn of the 19th century, Italians took part in mass migration and millions journeyed to the U.S. Due to these large numbers, Italians faced discrimination and endured many hardships in America. It would take decades for Italians to be fully accepted within American society. This course will ultimately allow students to critically explore how a dominant national Italian identity was created, diffused, and solidified while also serving as a unifying prism through which Italians in Italy and abroad may communicate and connect.  

Week 1: From City States and Kingdoms to a Nation

Week 2: Il Brigantaggio and the creation of “The Southern Question”

Week 3: Emigration, Migration, and the Creation of Little Italies throughout the World

Week 4: Italian-American Hardships, Experiences in Urban Cities & Involvement and Impact in the U.S. Labor Movement

Week 5: Anti-Italianism: Lynchings of Italian Immigrants, Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, Italian-American Struggles & Internments during WWII

Week 6: The Fascist State and Ethnic Italians Abroad

Week 7: The Postwar Economic Boom and the Decline of Little Italies

Week 8: Italian Nationhood and the Italian Diaspora Today

The registration fee for the 8 course Italian & Italian America Studies Program is $175.00. Please contact us for more information. To register for this program please click below. 

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Course Cancellation Policy: A refund of 50 percent will be given after the first lesson, no refunds honored after.