About ICA


Italian Charities of America, Inc. is a registered section
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Italian Charities of America, Inc. is located in our 1951 modernist architecture nonprofit building. We are grateful to our founders for having the foresight of establishing long lasting roots by purchasing land to build its nonprofit headquarters. Our goal is to serve and continue to ever grow our mission at our historic building for generations to come. Our cultural based events and our general events will benefit anyone who is interested to learn, refresh, understand, study, seek entertainment or a place to go for extracurricular activities.

Cultural Programs

Our cultural programs and events focus on promoting, educating and connecting the Italian American community. We will provide an outlet to showcase and celebrate Italian and Italian American heritage through art, music, dance, food, history, folklore, language, customs and traditions. Within each of these categories there is an overabundance of cultural events and cultural programs we offer.

Italian Charities of America’s cultural programs take a keen focus on the Italian American immigrant experience and as well as Italian American history in America, especially New York City where we are based. We must highlight Italian immigrants’ and Italian Americans’ painful discrimination and hardships they endured, their triumphs and their fight for equality in America as well as in the workplace. Our programs will also highlight the contributions and successes of both Italian immigrants and Italian Americans. This must not be forgotten as immigrants today in America are still facing both negative issues and positive advances in society. History teaches us valuable lessons, the opportunity to celebrate and give recognition and the importance to not digress on the basis of freedom and rights in this country.

Italian American Cultural Center

Italian Charities of America has called Elmhurst, Queens its home since 1951. Even in its founding in 1936, Queens, NY was our home base! The very essence of our founding to help newly arrived Italian immigrants and their families fits our borough, the “World’s Borough” who is always welcoming newly arrived immigrants. Our nonprofit has been serving Queens and the greater New York City’s diverse population with an abundance of events and programs throughout the years. Italian Charities of America invites and welcomes any individual who is interested in our programs, events and activities. If you believe in our mission and support our work, we encourage you to become a member and/or donate to our cause.